Colour is the must!
A new cheerful concept is the main inspiration of the woman SS 2014 Fashion Collection, according to Intimidea’s style.

Bahiti model has ribbed pattern, coming from sport inspiration, but it is enriched by the application of refined lace-like designs on both camisole and the back side of the brief. It is proposed in 6 intense colour shades. On the other side, a romantic soul and “bon-ton style” laces, fine patterns and dusty shades characterize the remaining two series: the Isis set, which seems to be just come out from the grandmother’s chest; finally, the timeless Parigi style, with its simple and gentle touch given by the fine ribs, lace applied and small organdy bows. The camisole and low waist brief are presented in the basic colours: cream, white and black. Once again, Intimidea collection offers a feminine point of view as expression of energy, sensuality and refinement.